Artistic Freedom


Artistic freedom is the right to create, distribute and express oneself in any form without government interference and censorship, influence from non-state actors. It means that citizens are both able to freely access and take part in the creation and distribution of or artistic expression.

Nhimbe Trust believes that Artistic Freedoms are an integral part of creating a functioning society. Nhimbe Trust believes that the artistic freedoms means the right to create without interference, the right for artists to be adequately compensated for their creations, the right for citizens to be exposed and have access to all artistic expressions, the right to move freely and distribute art work in any form or manner. That is why Nhimbe Trust strives to promote Artistic Freedoms in Africa.

“Artistic Expression is not a luxury; it is a necessity – a defining element of our humanity and fundamental human right enabling everyone to develop and express their humanity”


UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights,
The right to freedom of artistic expression and creativity (2013)