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The Nhimbe Trust protects and promotes the diversity of cultural expressions. Support the advancement of the 2005 UNESCO Convention in Africa!
You can support our work by becoming a

Global friend of the Nhimbe Trust

By donating even a small amount, you can help Nhimbe Trust to fulfill our mission and objectives and organise our activities across Africa.
As a private person, you can choose different donor levels and corresponding titles:
Friend < 100 €
Silver - contributing friend: 100 - 249 €
Gold - supporting friend: 250 - 999 €
Platinum - donating friend: 1000 € and above
Or you can become an "Institutional Friend" with a donation of a minimum of 1000 €.

What will happen to your donation?

50% of each donation will automatically go to the Nhimbe Trust for the implementation of its programme including COVID resilience building and support.
The remaining 50% will be applied according to your choice: either they will go to the Bluez Café Renovations, the BACHEF (Bulawayo Arts Culture & Heritage Endowment Fund) BCAO (Bulawayo Cultural Affairs Office), BAF (Bulawayo Arts Festival) or to the NGAO (Nhimbe Global Affairs Observatory)

How can you pay?

Donations are possible

  • In cash during events of the Nhimbe Trust, BCAO or NGAO
  • Via bank transfer