Exchanging Experiences

Intercultural exchange on the female experiences that I personally had in the “HERE, NOW, THERE” project were quite intriguing, in the fact that inasmuch as we were all from different continents (Africa and the UK), we were one in the social vices that we go through as women. Abuse in all forms, self-hate, vulnerability, loss of identity and imposed circumstances due to biological or geographical locations. The joys too shared. Some pains louder than others but one in womanhood. We shared our stories on the meaning of being a black woman, how race has been rationalised since time immemorial and still is an “issue” to some uncouth individuals yet we are in the 21st century. Amazing discoveries in theories of upbringing, norms, practises and customs of different backgrounds in people. I learnt the diversity in reaction to any type of scenario and also that power its always loud but subtle in its delivery. Silence being protection from racism, love and acceptance from your very own as being security in the world at large and being human enough to see everyone as yourself as a root to unconditional love, which is a battle to the egocentric.
Through this project, I managed to unleash my writing skills too as we were given an opportunity to delve into the innermost parts of our imagination to draw an image that we would take a journey through as we shared various scenarios in literary work. Despite the timeframe, I managed to exchange works and pieces and share writing technics with the Zimbabwean and UK ladies. I learnt different styles of expression that I found interesting. The level of openness and vulnerability one can get even in the midst of a group was impeccable. Thanks to this project by Nhimbe WITT and lyric we had an opportunity to not only write but also exchange works and perform them on camera, an experience that prepared us for this digital era that has begun and I believe in the new normal.  Gratitude to our female facilitators for pulling all together and being able to work well with us, thanks to Noma and the team from the UK. To the world out there I hope you will enjoy our journey with us and share your own stories with us. Cheers to womanhood, power, new friendships and love!!!

By Getrude V. Munhamo

June 18, 2021