Behind the Scenes

The thing is, with us Africans, we always want you to be happy, comfortable.  When you ask us, we will tell you what is pleasant and polite.  We will work hard and meet the requirements.  We will maintain our dignity by not mentioning the struggle that is our daily grind.  Power-outs for hours or days on end, devices dying.  Severe lockdowns within the city, movements restricted, personal safety.  Expensive and difficult access to WiFi, and poor connectivity playing hell with online meetings.  Transport uncertainties.  Hauling water.  Rocketing cost of living. The terrors of Covid-19 in our part of the world.

But we are strong African women and we know what we have to do.  We will do it with enthusiasm, passion, smiling.  

- Penny Yon, Nhimbe team-in-the-background

Exorbitant internet costs choke Zimbos -
Newsday July 21, 2021 Issue


September 20, 2021