Cultural Hubs and Cultural Ambassadors Program

Cultural Hubs are created by Cultural Ambassadors in different countries abroad (at community, university, county, high school or national level) and in selected regions to be centres of cultural diplomacy. In modelling traditional diplomacy frameworks, these Hubs are traditionally what would be classified as an embassy/consulate. In addition to exercising creative innovation to design program activities of Hubs, Ambassadors are required to: 

  1. Create sustainable fundraising models that facilitate for the hosting of events that include but are not limited to cultural festivals, theatre productions and art exhibitions 
  2. Establish global links with international creative civil society organisations, global governance institutions and academic institutions 
  3. Attend conferences, seminars and meetings to represent NGAO
  4. Liaise with NGAO fellows and the Program director to commission research on an area of strategic interest 
  5. Present papers at conferences or participate in panel discussions within their spheres of operation 
  6. Attend an annual NGAO Forum organised for Ambassadors and Fellows 
  7. Expand Zimbabwean creative sector audiences through the live-to-digital Nhimbe Framework 
  8. Host periodic cinema programming  
  9. Conduct advocacy and campaigning as and when necessary 
  10. Create a framework of cultural exchange between creative sectors located in Zimbabwe and abroad 

Ambassador Eligibility 

  • Working knowledge of cultural and creative industries / sectors 
  • Familiarity with international law, international relations, governance and diplomacy approaches 
  • Proficiency in English and an official language of the country / community where the Ambassador intends to establish a Hub 
  • Excellent writing, organisational and team management skills 
  • Innovative and inspires innovation in others 
  • Able to work with minimal supervision 
  • Must be over 20 years of age 
  • Mission-driven

Added Advantages 

  • Zimbabwean citizen studying, working or staying abroad 
  • Professional experience

Ambassador Applications

A call for applications will be posted soon

Achieve a balanced flow of cultural goods and services, increase the mobility of artists and cultural professionals.

Integrate culture in sustainable development frameworks.

Promote human rights and fundamental freedoms.