Creative and Cultural Industries Think Tank

The think tank is focused on generating publishable research in areas that are within the framework of creative civil society, international law, domestic law, human rights protection, gender mainstreaming, cultural rights, community building, heritage preservation, foreign policy, public diplomacy, governance and cultural diplomacy. The mission of the think tank is to transform and widen perspectives on the role of creative civil society and resilient communities in governance, nation building, nation branding and the realisation of Sustainable Development Goals. All research that will be published is intended to create alternative ideas, shift public opinion, challenge public policy, contribute to foreign policy and represent the voices of groups and communities that have historically been marginalised in the formulation of foreign policy and design of cultural activities that punctuate diplomatic missions.

 The think Tank seeks to:

  1. Generate research that creates a resilient cultural diplomacy architecture for creative civil society 
  2. Create a platform for evolutionary thinking that reflects on how creative civil society can assert global presence by adapting to new challenges and pursuing emerging opportunities 
  3. Create sustainable linkages between theorisation and practical application 
  4. Educate global audiences about the diversity of Zimbabwean cultures and the role these cultures can potentially play in the realisation of domestic and global development goals 
  5. Create publications that inform policy and are reflective of community socio-economic, political and cultural dynamics 
  6. Generate research that responds to creative and cultural industry gaps
  7. Make research informed recommendations that can be implemented by cultural and creative industry in the furtherance of their development and contribution to economic growth

Achieve a balanced flow of cultural goods and services, increase the mobility of artists and cultural professionals.

Integrate culture in sustainable development frameworks.

Promote human rights and fundamental freedoms.