Media Visibility, Information Dissemination

Provides cohesive visibility of Nhimbe's programming activities and further disseminates information updates on key national, regional and global development that implicitly or explicitly impacts cultural and creative sectors.



Local Government Governance for Culture, Policy Technical Expertise, Localisation of SDGs

A point of intersection between artists, cultural workers, creative civil society and local government, facilitating the provision of expertise to Bulawayo City Council in the formulation and implementation of a Cultural Policy and corresponding Strategic Plan for the city.



Artistic Freedom, Arts and Culture Enabling Facility, Status of the Artist,Artists and Cultural Professionals Mobility

An inclusive enabling facility, at which local and foreign performing artists and producers of culture develop, promote and perform their works, and participate in furthering acceptance, tolerance, peace, and nation-building, by simply showing that ‘the arts’ is where the sanctity of the human spirit resides.



Policy Advocacy, Research, Governance for Culture

Contributes to evidence based policy formulation, implementation, monitoring, analysis and evaluation, and amplifies the contribution of creative civil society to mainstream governance broadly and governance for culture in particular




Cultural and Creative Economy Data, Fair Trade for Culture, Data Analysis

Provides data, analysis and the necessary tools to promote and support the growth and development of creative industries in Africa to ensure that Africa provides the best possible business, regulatory, technical and fiscal infrastructure to enable Africa's creative businesses to flourish commercially and to increase overseas investment and trade in Africa's creative industries .


Achieve a balanced flow of cultural goods and services, increase the mobility of artists and cultural professionals.

Integrate culture in sustainable development frameworks.

Promote human rights and fundamental freedoms.