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Nhimbe at AU Meeting Of The 2nd Ordinary Session of the Specialised Technical Committee On Youth, Culture And Sports

Nhimbe attended the African Union (AU) meeting of the Second Ordinary Session of the Specialised Technical Committee on Youth, Culture and Sports (STC – YCS2) which was held on the 13-17 June in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The session was held under the theme ‘African Year of Human Rights: promoting ethics and cultural diversity as an essential right for the people of Africa’ and it resulted in the crafting of a report with the following considerations regarding culture:

  • Member states raised the need to develop laws that protect African Culture and safeguard the role that youth can play in the preservation of cultural values and traditions
  • Cognisant of the proven role and ability that culture has to mobilise people, there is need to create synergies with sports in order to maximise potential  The role of cultural policies in establishing an enabling environment for the promotion of arts and culture was underscored
  • The meeting commended Burkina Faso for having ratified the charter for the African Cultural Renaissance
  • The meeting also underscored the need to include a timeline in the recommendation on the review of the draft Statute of the African Audiovisual and Cinema Commission (AACC) by the AU member states
  • The meeting called upon Sudan to work with AUC to finalise the concept of African Cultural Capitals with a view to enable cultural exchanges and enhance greater integration.

Further on Culture Issues

  • ENDORSES the following Member States of the Union as champions of the ratification process of the Charter for African Cultural Renaissance at regional level: Chad and Congo (Central Africa); Ethiopia (East Africa); Mali, Nigeria, Niger and Senegal (West Africa) and South Africa (Southern Africa); and REQUESTS that the champions lead advocacy and sensitisation campaigns on the charter in their respective regions. Zimbabwe has not yet ratified the Charter;
  • CALLS UPON AU Member states to engage in the process of development of the African Union Model Law on the Protection of Cultural Property/Heritage through the regional consultations of the African Union Model Law to take place in 2016 and 2017 to ensure ownership of the Model Law;
  • ENDORSES the report, the framework for action and the implementation strategy of the 4th Pan-African Cultural Congress (PACC4);
  • FURTHER ENDORSES the proposal to organise the 5th Pan-African Cultural Congress in 2018 under the theme: ‘Advancing the African Union Agenda 2063 through Culture and the African Creative Economy’ as presented by the PACC4 Bureau;
  • EXPRESSES APPRECIATION to the republic of South Africa for hosting the 4th Pan- African Cultural Congress (PACC4) in May 2015 during the Africa month Celebrations and to the Republic of Zimbabwe for hosting the 1st Bureau meeting of the PAAC4;
  • CALLS UPON member states to organise Pan-African National Congresses as a build up to the 5th Pan African Cultural Congress to be held in 2018;
  • RECOMMENDS that ACALAN’s Budget be separated from that of the Department of Social Affairs; URGES member states to render the necessary support to ACLAN’s efforts to develop and promote African Languages.
  • FURTHER RECOMMENDS The establishment of the Centre for Linguistic Studies through Oral Traditions (CELHTO) Technical and Scientific Committee.
  • URGES member states to provide technical and financial support to the Great Museum of Africa being established in Algiers, and RECOMMENDS that the Great Museum of Africa becomes one of the flagship programmes for the AU agenda 2063 in the first ten (10) year plan for the arts and culture sector.
  • RECOMMENDS the establishment of a Technical and Advisory Committee composed of Member States, AUC and stakeholders led by Algeria to develop the road-map for the launching of the Great Museum of Africa.
  • ENDORSES the proposal to declare Africa Music Day to celebrate Africa’s music legends and CALLS UPON the DRC in collaboration with the AUC and Member States to develop the initiative further.
  • CALLS UPON the AUC to support the organisation of the Pan-African Music Festival (FESPAM) and REQUESTS the Republic of Congo to present a working document on the role that the stakeholders can play in organising the festival. URGES member states and the Diaspora to actively participate in the festival.
  • FURTHER CALLS UPON the member states and the AUC to support the Pan-African Film Festival of Ouagadougou (FESPACO).
  • APPRECIATES the efforts by the AUC in working with various arts and culture actors including: The African World Heritage Fund (AWHF); The All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA); the Observatory of Cultural Policies in Africa (OCPA); CERDOTOLA; Arterial Network and CICIBA; and CALLS FOR the establishment of greater synergies between the AUC and culture actors for the implementation of the AU Agenda 2063 especially its Aspiration 5 on culture and heritage.
  • ENDORSES the study undertaken by the African Union Commission in conjunction with the different stakeholders as mandated by Executive Council Decision (EX/CL/Dec. 69 (III) of July 2003, on the establishment of the African Audio-visual and Cinema Commission (AACC).
  • FURTHER ENDORSES the establishment of the African Audio-Visual and Cinema and to send their contributions to the AUC by 15 August 2016.
  • ENDORSES the convening of the 2nd Specialised Technical Committee on Youth, Culture and Sport (STC-YCS2) Extraordinary Session in September 2016 in accordance with Rule 12 of the Rules of Procedure of the STS-YCS to consider the draft statute of the AACC to ensure its finalisation by 2017 and submit the same to the STC on Justice and Legal Affairs for consideration and further submission to the AU Policy Organs for Adoption.

Date and venue for the 3rd Specialised Technical Committee meeting on Youth, Culture and Sport

The 3rd ordinary session of the STC–YCS will be held in Addis Ababa in 2018. However, member states wishing to host the meeting are to submit an official request to host by June 2017, in accordance with Rule 6 of the AU on hosting AU meetings.

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