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Call for Plays

A new playwriting competition is calling for submission of plays from Zimbabwean playwrights. The playwriting competition is centred around how the women's movement can respond to the political crisis in the country; how it can support women who are victims of that political crisis at every level of society, including the political; what is preventing the women's movement from having an adequate response, and how can the women's movement be more engaged for societal transformation rather than personal development.

Playwrights are called on to submit plays that focus on the issues outlined above. The plays will go through a judging process which will measure a play on how best it responds to the call, the cohesiveness of the issues tackled and, the compelling execution of writing skill. The winning play will get an opportunity to be directed by a female director and a monetary prize of $750. The winning play will be announced on the 14th of October 2016 in the press.

In order to be eligible for the competition, submissions will need to adhere to the following guidelines.

1. The competition is open to Zimbabwean citizens, whether living in the country or abroad.
2. Plays need to focus on at least one of the issues forming the basis of the competition.
3. The length of the plays should be from 30 minutes to full length.
4. Plays will need to be original work of the playwright. Plagiarised work will be disqualified from the competition.
5. Plays should be submitted in either MS word or PDF format. 2 copies of the play should be submitted; one with the playwright's full name and the other a blind copy (without the playwright's name) for judging purposes.
6. The plays should be submitted via email to joshnyap@nhimbe.org C.c joshnyap@gmail.com The subject line should read, 'Playwriting Competition' The email should provide the playwright's full name and contact details ( phone number and physical address)
Deadline for submissions is Friday, 23 September 2016, 5pm. plays received after the deadline will not be considered

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